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What is Stolen Wildlife

Illegal trade in animals and their body parts is one of the main causes of wild animals becoming endangered. A problem and responsibility of Asia, Africa or America? Yes, of course, but also European states are to blame, and so are even many citizens of the Czech Republic. You don’t believe it? You can now learn more thanks to the new, unique campaign named Stolen Wildlife. Stolen Wildlife is the first complex campaign in the Czech Republic, disclosing often overlooked facts about illegal wildlife trade.

How it all started

Stolen Wildlife has been created based on experience of Pavla Říhová, the Head of the International Biodiversity Conservation and CITES Department of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, in cooperation with the Ostrava Zoo Director Petr Čolas, field zoologist of the Ostrava Zoo and leader of The Kukang Rescue Program  František Příbrský, field worker of the Olomouc Zoo and photographer Lucie Čižmářová and other team members.

Information stated on this website comes from sources of CITES control authorities and from the legal literature.

Stolen Wildlife Exhibition

As a tool for bringing this issue closer to the general public serves the Stolen Wildlife Exhibition by the photographer Lucie Čižmářová, highlighting particular issues of the illegal trade in wild animals and their body parts.

All the animal specimens and body parts in the photographs, such as ivory, rhino horns, big cat furs, pangolin scales, etc., have been confiscated by control authorities in the Czech Republic. For those interested, the Stolen Wildlife Exhibition is available in electronic form in print quality. More information at