Pavla is a zoologist, and for the past 24 years, she has been engaged in combating the illegal trade in endangered species not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally. She leads the CITES Department of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, she is a member of the Interpol Expert Group for Wildlife Crime, and she is also a forensic expert in the field of nature conservation. Pavla works on cases involving smugglers, traffickers and organized groups, she is trying to find their sources and channels through which the goods are transported, and to seize contraband... Pavla's professional experience is the cornerstone of the Stolen Wildlife campaign.

"It's like a fight with an octopus. You cut off one tentacle but a new one appears immediately. Sometimes one feels absolutely helpless and angry, but we must keep on trying to fight it, we cannot afford to fail..."

"Wildlife trade is not about love for animals, it is about money."