František Příbrský

František's current life mission is to fight the illegal trade with animals and, together with Pavla, he is behind the creation of the Stolen Wildlife campaign. František is also the founder of The Kukang Rescue Program, which aims to reduce illegal animal trafficking and to protect slow lorises in Sumatra, Indonesia. František is the field zoologist of Ostrava Zoo.

"When we really want something, almost nothing can stop us. I want a world which I do not have to be ashamed of and where people value animals as live beings. I will stand against anyone who illegally hunts, sells and buys animals. I will dedicate the little time I have in this world to efforts to protect the wildlife from being stolen."

"Fighting the illegal trade in animals is a struggle of a small group of people against enormous human greed and ruthlessness. It is a fight for innocent animals that the world could soon lose."