Kateřina Holubová

Kateřina is an active protector of rainforests and animals. Within the Czech Coalition Against Palm Oil, she is engaged in an awareness campaign and in the fight against the consequences of unsustainable expansion of palm oil plantations not only in Southeast Asia. Katerina is a translator and proofreader of the Stolen Wildlife and The Kukang Rescue Program, where she also acts as a spokeswoman.

"The stronger are to protect the weaker. Therefore, people, that are supposedly the most advanced species, capable of compassion, should have a moral duty to protect creatures who cannot defend themselves against human intelligence, weapons, technology, and especially against motives that oppose the laws of nature, i.e. illegal trade. I feel the responsibility for animals and I am thus determined to do everything in my power!"

"Illegal animal trafficking is a global crime that has been consistently undermining the humanity's already largely uncertain future."