Dominika Formanová

Dominika is a zoologist and she has been working with animals her whole life, first as a researcher, then as a curator at a zoo. In recent years, she has been engaged in tackling illegal trade in protected species of animals and plants as an Inspector of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate.

"When the Afobaka Dam on the Surinam River was being filled and thousands of animals in the flooded rainforest were put at risk of drowning in 1964, the secretary of the Suriname Animal Protection Society sent an emergency letter asking for help, ending with this sentence: "There is little time and the water is rising." Gwamba was the biggest animal rescue event of its time... Nowadays, the illegal wildlife trade threatens thousands of species. For many, the situation is critical. The fight against the international organized crime is difficult compared with the fight against rising water in one valley. Yet today we must at least try to save what we can..."

"There is little time and the water is rising."